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The mission of the Alex and Ali Foundation is to empower and enhance the lives of young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for job skill development, vocational activities and meaningful community involvement.

Job skill Development

Helping The Community

We continually strive to provide job skill training for these young adults.  This currently includes managing a store, specifically a boutique.  With this, the individuals learn how to greet customers, organize, stock and tag inventory, handle the cashier transactions, write correspondence, social media advertising and provide janitorial support.  The individuals become more confident in themselves as they host field trips and other special events at the store.   Other jobs skills outside the store  include farm work, painting and warehouse organization through community partners. 

Vocational Training

Reinforcing our Commitment

We partner with our community to provide many different opportunities for vocational training.  Examples include leather making, sewing, mosaic tile art, refinishing furniture, pet care, baking  and jewelry making.  Our community includes art therapists, occupational therapists, recreation therapists and leather artisans. 

Community Involvement

One Step at a Time

Our community partners are vital to our mission.  We have relationships with schools that have our team come the school and provide training to their students as well as participating in panel discussions.  Through this we are showing the world that these young adults have worth and value.

We also participate in art and trade shows, community events, speaking engagements and other nonprofit ministries. 


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

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