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Wonderfully Made. Perfectly Unique


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The Hope Gallery opened in June of 2018 in downtown Bargersville, IN.  We started as a unique boutique for happy, funky, cool people and their pets by selling and consigning art and other unique items.  Now, we sell sweets, treats, and art! Our tagline is wonderfully made/ perfectly unique which describes both our products and our Team Members.  Our Team Members learn all aspects of running a business.  Our young adults are paired with volunteers who manage the gallery.

Downtown Bargersville

Our location on Bargersville Main Street is perfect for our Team Members to walk to the post office to deliver and retrieve mail. Our Team Members also enjoy walking to nearby businesses to shop or buy food. To make Friday's even more special, wait for the train to drive through and count the train cars! The downtown experience is so unique. Be on the lookout for community events such as Farmers Markets, Trunk-or-Treats, and Holiday Markets.

74 N Main Street Bargersville, IN 46106

Tuesday - Thursday | 12-3pm ET
Friday | 12-6pm ET

*hours are subject to change, please check Facebook and Instagram*


Sweets, Treats, & MORE!

 Our Bargersville store is a perfect fix for a sweet-tooth craving! We now sell a variety of desserts including ice cream treats, baked goods, and candy! We continue to sell products made by our Team Members and other organizations with similar missions to ours - providing employment and highlighting the talents of neurodiverse community members. We have a range of products including preserves, bracelets, coasters, and other artwork. To see the latest items, follow us on social media!

At the Gallery, you will be greeted by Team Members (who will also explain our mission if you're new), assisted by Team Members, and checked-out by Team Members!


Job Skill Development


Our Team Members work on shelf displays (restocking, rearranging), greet customers, operate the cash register, and keep the store tidy.

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