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Love Big

hope heart transparent.png

We started the Love Big movement as a way to honor Hope Parker's legacy. We hope you feel inspired to love big like Hope. 

Hope Loved herself and her life: and she laughed and laughed and made everyone around her laugh – despite her difficult circumstances and extreme limitations. 

Hope Loved everyone: no matter political party, occupation (although she loved her garbage men, tow truck drivers and pilots a tad bit more), race, religion, sexuality, status, disability or whether they liked her or not.

Hope Loved Jesus: and shared His love with others.  She prayed for people, with people, in all places and at all times including times of crisis and for all that she was thankful for – especially cheese and chicken nuggets, her family, friends and her favorite dog Lulu. 

Hope Loved animals: even snakes.  She loved even though she had to be reminded that goldfish do not like being cuddled outside the water and Guinea pigs do not like having their nails pulled. 

Hope Loved more in 13 short years with half of a heart than most of us do with our whole hearts and a full lifetime.  Hope had every reason to be angry, bitter and resentful – instead she loved big and brought joy to the world around her.

Love big like Hope.

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